How to make more time for yourself and Islam

Time is the most precious thing in this world that does not wait for anyone. Time so important that Allah also swore by it in Holy Quran. We can organize and structure all the things in our lives with the help of time. Those who do not give importance to time or do not realize its importance, repent at a time and also lag behind in the long race of life.

Time for yourself and Islam:

As a Muslim firstly, we should pay a bundle of thanks to Almighty Allah for being among the Ummah of Holy Prophet. One should keep himself busy in offering prayers and all the essential worships that are obligatory for all the Muslims. Cheap Umrah packages Birmingham help Muslims accomplish their lesser pilgrimage from UK. Muslims should also give time to themselves, their relatives and also to their jobs or businesses.

Take time for yourself and think about your purposes:

Recognizing yourself is highly recommended in Islam because when a Muslim tries to know himself, he becomes able to know Allah, purpose of his existence and purpose of creation of this universe. All these things need attention of Muslims for making them realize importance of themselves and their existence. Whole universe and human beings are created only for worshipping Allah Almighty.

Perform worship and recite Holy Quran:

Worships are compulsory for Muslims because it is the order of Allah Almighty to perform worships. Worships like Roza, Namaz, Hajj, Umrah, and Zakat keep us on the right track and build our character in a positive manner. Muslims come in direct contact with Allah Almighty by offering prayer or by reciting Holy Quran. Connection with a Creator is compulsory to be maintained through worships.

Don’t show negligence in maintaining your life:

A Muslim must try to maintain his life and should bring regularity in it. There should be no waste of time in a purposeful life. A person maintaining life according to the teachings of Islam, achieves his goals easily. Those who do not care about time and show negligence cannot achieve their purposes in life.

Perform every act according to Sunnah:

Perform every act according to Sunnah of Holy Prophet because an act carried out with the intention of acting upon Sunnah of Holy Prophet proves to be beneficial. Following the Sunnah of Holy Prophet is the perfect way of doing work.

Namaz for maintaining good health:

A Muslim must offer Namaz for maintaining good health because it is one of the best ways of exercises. Ruku, Qayyam, Sajda, Tashuhud, recitation, and Zikr of Allah in Namaz are the ingredients that provide comfort and peace of mind. Salah is compulsory and is the guidance to Jannah.

Think of your goals:

Observe fasts and also think of your spiritual goals. Goals keep us energetic and also influence us to work hard for our goals. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent a purposeful life and remained successful in preaching Islam because today, Islam is present in each and every corner of this world.

Take your time from your daily routines and focus on your life in this world and your result in the world hereafter.